5G Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied Solution

Welcome Offer On Nahi Ho Raha Hai

If you are not getting 5G Jio Welcome offer in Jio , whenever you apply then you are facing the same problem as Jio Welcome Offer not applied . So there is nothing to worry about. Arg, is your sim new or old, many people have faced this problem.

By doing some 4-5 settings in this article, your problem will be solved in just 5 minutes. All the settings given below are important, read them carefully and then you can enjoy Jio welcome offer in your phone.

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Fix jio welcome offer not applied problem | jio true 5g welcome offer not working

True 5g Jio Welcome Offer Not Working

Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied Importance Setting

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Step 1st: First of all, open your Jio application and click on search, then search “ True 5G ” and turn on the option.

5G Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied Solution

Step 2nd: Search Jio in the search bar of play store on your phone. After searching, an update will appear on your Jio application, click on it. It is very important to update the Jio application of the phone. Through which all new information will be available from reliance.

5G Jio Welcome Offer

Step 3rb: After updating Jio application, open your phone’s settings and search “ reset network settings ”. You will have to reset all the networks of the phone which will make it easier for you to get the welcome offer.

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5G Jio Welcome

Step 4th: Again “mobile network” will be the search reason in the phone settings. After searching, you have to turn on data roaming setting and then click on “perfect network type”. Keep in mind that if 4G network is selected in your phone, you will have to select 5G network. After making this setting, there will be more network option in the mobile network, after clicking on it you will have to turn on the “smart 5G” setting.

Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied Importance Setting

Step 5th: The following settings are very important without which you cannot start Jio welcome offer. You have to check in your phone, there will be a ‘latest update’ in your phone. After updating it, your

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Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied

Step 6th: Once again you have to go to the mobile network settings and select the operator inside the SIM and you will have to turn off the “Auto – select” setting. Due to which you will get to see many networks on the phone. Among them you just select “Jio True5G 5G” network. Due to which your phone will support 5G network.phone will support 5G network.

Jio Welcome Offer

Step 7th: After doing all the settings we have told you correctly, you have to put the phone on “airplane mode” once or if possible, switch off the phone once so that all the settings will work properly.

Step 8th: Now finally open Jio application again and after searching “True 5G” you will see “Congrats! You’re upgraded to the 5G life” This notification will come.

Step 9th: After keeping the notification aside, your number will appear in the app. Click on “plan view” option below and then scroll the slide so that you can see “Congratulations! you’ve been upgraded to Jio Welcome offer. Unlock True 5G now.” You will get a notification. “Get Started” button will be found below that note and you will have to click on it.

Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied Importance Setting

Step 10th: As soon as you turn on the Get Started button, these 4 settings like Jio Welcome Offer, handset 5G compatibility, handset software version and handset 5G settings will automatically turn on in the phone. After that “Great! “You are 5G ready” will appear which means your problem has been fixed.

10 important settings regarding this problem of Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied


In this article, we have been given information about 10 important settings regarding this problem of Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied. We hope that with the help of this information you will fix the Jio Welcome Offer Not Applied problem. Tell us your experience related to this problem in the comments.

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