Low Value Content Kaise Hataye: 5 ways to protect your website from low value content for Google Adsense

How to remove Low Value Content: Friends, if you are a blogger then you must know that to earn money through a blog, AdSense is required and sometimes some errors occur while taking AdSense. One of these errors is low value content error. Are you not getting Google Adsense approval for your website? Is there a problem of “Low Value Content” on your website? In this post, we will learn today how you can fix the “Low Value Content” issue given by Google Adsense and get your website approved.

How to remove low value content

Why is Low Value Content coming?

A new blogger has to face errors like co-value content to get AdSense. Today in this article we are going to provide you complete information about it. Not only this, we will tell you what are the reasons for low value content and if you want to avoid this error, then what measures you can take for this, so that your website can be approved by AdSense as soon as possible. It will be taken and you will start earning money.

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Why is Low Value Content coming?

Low Value Content Kaise Hataye
Low Value Content Kaise Hataye

Before knowing how to remove Low Value Content, you should know why Low Value Content appears in your Adsense. There can be many reasons for this if you may encounter low value content due to any of these reasons.

Short or concise content

For your information, let us tell you that the first reason for having low value content is that your blog articles may be written in very few words, due to which the “Low Value Content” error may occur.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content: Another reason for friends seeing valuable content could be copy paste content. If you write your blog content by copying it from somewhere else, then it falls under the category of “duplicate content”. If you want to avoid low value content, then you have to remove duplicate content from your blog.

Old Content

Old Content: The third reason is that if your content already exists on other websites, then it is called “old content”. Work on new topics as much as possible so that you can get AdSense approval as soon as possible.

Bounce Rate: The fourth reason is that if a user comes to your website and returns as soon as he comes, then the bounce rate of your website increases due to which Google feels that your website does not have some quality content. .

Page Speed: The fourth reason is that you should pay attention to the speed of your website. If the speed of your website is very slow then this can be the fourth reason that your website will not get AdSense approval.

Easy to understand: Friends, if you write the contact in a very roundabout way and the content is not understandable to a common man, then this can also be a reason why you are not getting approval from AdSense. Your content is very difficult to understand.

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How to remove low value content

How to remove low value content

Write long articles: Friends, if you want to get AdSense approved as soon as possible and want to avoid errors like Low Value Content, then increase the length of your article so that it can provide more quality and important information.

Consistency: Consistency in your blog is very important because with consistency Google gets full confidence in you and starts promoting your website. Post blogs regularly so Google’s bots know that you have the latest content available on your website.

Good Theme: It is also being said that if you use a good theme then you can get AdSense approval as soon as possible. Use a clean and professional theme so that your website presents effectively.

Use images and videos: To increase the quality of your content, use good and high quality images and videos which do not have any copyright issues. If good photos and videos are uploaded in your post, then it will attract the users. It is much easier to understand your contact.

Number of posts: Along with this, it is said that apply for Google Adsense only after at least 20 posts.

AdSense Low Value Content Problem Fix

AdSense Low Value Content Problem Fix कैसे करे? | Fix Low Value Content Issue

Fixing the “Low Value Content” issue is important to get Google Adsense approval . By following the above tips, you can get your website prominence and get Adsense approval.

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