Govt issues high severity warning for Google Chrome users, asks them to update their browser immediately

Attention Update your Google Chrome immediately, government issues warning

Govt issues high severity warning for Google Chrome Users can also use any popular or trusted antivirus software to keep their system safe. Apart from this, it would also be wise to keep the existing software updated.Govt issues high severity warning for Google Chrome users asks them to update their browser immediately,The Indian government has issued a high severity warning for Google Chrome users,they must update their browser immediately.


  • CERT-In advises users to update Google Chrome OS immediately
  • It is also suggested to be cautious while browsing
  • Users should update the browser to 114.0.5735.350 or newer version

Google Chrome Users Facing High-Risk Vulnerabilities, Govt Issues Warning

India’s cyber security office CERT-In has issued a caution around potential dangers in more seasoned adaptations of Google Chrome OS. They say that to expel the imperfections and anticipate any future dangers, clients ought to upgrade their browsers to 114.0.5735.350 or more current form. These vulnerabilities might permit farther assailants to execute pernicious code, pick up root benefits, bypass security arrangements, or cause a disturbance of benefit on the influenced system.

The issues basically stem from the imperfect side board look highlight and lacking data verification within the expansion. An assailant can actuate vulnerabilities by deceiving clients into going to a particular site and misuse these vulnerabilities.

Centre issues security warning to Google Chrome users: Here’s what you need to do

To be secure, CERT-In is prompting clients to upgrade their Google Chrome OS promptly. Not as it were this, the office has moreover recommended to be cautious whereas browsing, particularly not to press on joins from untrusted sources to visit new or suspicious websites or not to reply to spontaneous emails and messages.

Clients can moreover utilize any prevalent or trusted antivirus computer program to keep their framework secure. Separated from this, it would too be shrewd to keep the existing program updated.
CERT-In is right now running “Cyber ​​Swachhta Fortnight” till February 15, 2024, with a center on securing the internet from botnets that posture a danger to end-user frameworks. As portion of this activity, they have propelled ‘Cyber ​​Swachhta Kendra’ (CSK) in collaboration with eScan.

The eScan botnet checking and cleaning toolkit is accessible for portable workstations, desktops, and smartphones . This toolkit engages clients to check and clean their gadgets, reinforcing assurance against botnet infections and contributing to overall digital safety.

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What is the risk?

These vulnerabilities stem from two primary issues:

Use after free in Side Panel Search: This helplessness permits aggressors to exploit memory blunders within the Side Board Look include, possibly driving to the execution of self-assertive code or the bypassing of security measures.

Insufficient data validation in Extensions: This defenselessness emerges from lacking approval of information input in expansions, which can be abused by assailants to execute malevolent activities on influenced systems.

How to stay safe

To protect against these vulnerabilities, Cert-In has unequivocally exhorted to upgrade their Google Chrome with the most recent accessible upgrade which incorporate security fixes by Google. Clients ought to expeditiously overhaul their Google Chrome OS establishments to adaptation 114.0.5735.350 (or afterward) on the LTS channel. These overhauls contain patches that relieve the distinguished vulnerabilities, hence upgrading framework security.

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