21 year old YouTubers CCTV camera gets hacked, private video leaked

CCTV of a YouTuber’s house was hacked and objectionable videos were shared on the internet, you also have to keep these things in mind

21 year old YouTubers CCTV camera gets hacked In the video, the YouTuber was seen coming out of the toilet without any clothes, while his mother and sister were also seen in the background.


  • CCTV installed inside the house of a Mumbai-based YouTuber hacked.
  • YouTuber’s footage without clothes goes viral on social media.
  • Mother and sister are also seen in the video.

bandra youtuber home cctv hacked

The CCTV of a Mumbai-based YouTuber’s house was hacked and objectionable videos of him and his family members were leaked on the internet. The young man came to know about this when he himself saw these videos on the internet. The youth has held up a police report on the matter and concurring to media reports, activity has been started within the matter. Nowadays, it has ended up exceptionally imperative to have security cameras within the house to remain secure from hoodlums, but these cameras have gotten to be a unused weapon for cyber hoodlums to look into someone’s individual life.

मुंबई के YouTuber के घर का CCTV कैमरा किया हैक, न्यूड वीडियो सोशल मीडिया पर कर दिया वायरल

यूट्यूबर को सुरक्षा के लिए सीसीटीवीकैमरे लगाना पड़ा भारी, हैकर ने वायरल कर दिए मांबहन के न्यूडवीडियो

youtuber cctv leaked

youtuber cctv leaked

to TOI , the CCTV installed inside the house of a Mumbai-based YouTuber was hacked and after that the hackers shared objectionable videos of the YouTuber and other family members inside the house on the internet. When the YouTuber saw the explicit footage of himself on the internet, he lodged a complaint with the Bandra Police. The occurrence came to light when an unidentified individual hacked the closed-circuit tv (CCTV) framework introduced at the YouTuber’s Bandra (West) residence. In the video, the YouTuber was seen coming out of the toilet without any clothes, while his mother and sister were also seen in the background. The incident occurred on November 17, following which Bandra Police had to collaborate with its cyber team to trace the Internet Protocol (IP) address and identify the person responsible for the illegal intrusion. Furthermore, there have also been requests to remove these video footages spread across various social media networks. Concurring to the report, YouTuber is additionally dynamic in eSports. He came to know about the video being leaked when a friend told him about it on Saturday. In her formal complaint she said, “An unknown person has illegally accessed the CCTV camera installed in my bedroom. The video has been broadly shared on Instagram, Wire and other social media stages.” Specialists are looking into the plausibility of whether somebody known to the YouTuber may have picked up unauthorized get to to the CCTV system. The complainant took action when two friends recognized his mother and sister in the footage. The incident has resulted in a case being registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including defamation and the Information Technology Act. Charges include identity theft, theft violations and dissemination of sexually explicit material. At present, the identity of the accused person remains unknown. If you also have CCTV cameras installed in your house, then you should keep these things in mind.

  • Use a strong password made up of letters, numbers and special characters for your CCTV camera system.
  • Give access to cameras only to selected people in the house.
  • In case the video is being spared within the cloud, keep the accreditations utilized to log in to the cloud solid and empower two-factor verification there.
  • On your smartphone which has CCTV’s app installed, avoid downloading any unauthorized files from the internet, which may introduce malware to the smartphone and give hackers access to your phone or app.

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