Annika Jankell: Barnen, Melodikrysset och relationen med Thorsten Flinck

Everything about Annika Jankell: The children, the Melodikrysset and the relationship with Thorsten Flinck

Annika Jankell began her career as a presenter in the 1980s and has since led major initiatives in both radio and television. Nyheter24 has taken a closer look at what the Swedish people google the most about the profile.

Annika Jankell age – how old is she?

Annika Jankell: Barnen, Melodikrysset och relationen med Thorsten Flinck

Annika Jankell was born on December 28, 1961, which means that she will be 63 in the winter of 2024.

Annika Jankell height – how tall is she?

Annika Jankell‘s height is not known, but judging by pictures, she is slightly shorter than the actor Lia Boysen , who measures 167 centimeters.

Annika Jankell’s parents – did her mother get Alzheimer’s?

Annika Jankell about her love for grandson Winston

When Annika Jankell’s mother Kerstin was affected by Alzheimer’s, Annika decided to move in with her mother and take care of her, something she told Femina about .

I moved in with her for a period when the illness started to become noticeable. Then they had to fight with the district administration to get her a place in a care home, she said.

After some time, Kerstin was able to move to an accommodation with staff, and Annika visits her regularly.

I go to my mother’s house all the time, I can’t help it. It’s a bit like having a three-year-old who you know is yourself, then you’d want to go there all the time.

Was Annika Jankell presenter in Nyhetsmorgon?

Annika Jankell worked as a presenter on TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon for six years, between 2006-2012.

In an interview with Expressen , she talked about the breakup with the channel.

The reason I quit Nyhetsmorgon was because I got a fun program on SR and then I was a little upset because I had been promised some stuff. In manager changes, it can happen like this, you can agree with a manager that this is what you should do, something that you may have dreamed of. Then comes a new boss who turns everything upside down and has to do it his way and bring in his favourites.

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Annika Jankell led the Melodifestivalen?

Melodifestivalen 2005 had different presenters for each part of the competition and when they were looking for one for Second Chance, the choice fell on Annika Jankell.

Has Annika Jankell lead the Melodikrysset?

In June 2022, it became clear that presenter Annika Jankell took over the radio program Melodikrysset in Sveriges Radio. Together with Anna Charlotta Gunnarsson, the duo lead the classical program.

I love the radio classic Melodikrysset, genuine folk entertainment for all generations. It was my grandparents who introduced the holiday season when I was little. The wide range of the cross is tickling fun, as questions from so many decades and genres pop up. Everyone can participate, challenge each other or help each other. It will be great fun to be involved and carry the tradition on. An honorable mission, Jankell told SR after being appointed as program manager.

Does Annika Jankell married to Thorsten Flinck?

Annika Jankell and the actor Thorsten Flinck were together for five years, between 1991-1996 and together they had two children.

The relationship was strained, among other things, by Flinck’s substance abuse problem, something Jankell opened up about when she visited Renée’s dock on TV4 .

I was co-dependent. You do violence to yourself. You don’t prioritize yourself. All one’s time is spent saving this person’s life.
In Magnus Hedman and Nemo Héden’s podcast “Hedman and Héden an addiction podcast” she talked about her feelings for her ex-partner in 2021.

I have a lot of love for Thorsten, a lot. But I mourn him like someone who has passed away. No one wishes more than me that he should be well in his life.

She also revealed what the contact between them looks like.

We talked the other week. The thing with Thorsten, it’s appropriate to say now if anyone has a lot of opinions about him, I don’t know anyone who is so funny. The conversations with him when he is at his best then they are absolutely fantastic. He is intelligent, he has a dark sense of humor that is absolutely wonderful. He has a giant heart.

Felicé Jankell (t v), Annika Jankell och Happy Jankell på röda mattan tillsammans år 2014.

Has Annika Jankell been with Robert Wells?

During the 1980s, Annika Jankell was together with the pianist and composer Robert Wells . In an interview with Hemtrevligt from 2010, Wells talked about how he viewed the relationship in retrospect.

I made a big mistake when I was together with Annika Jankell. We were so much in love and kissed and hugged in all the pictures. It was the dumbest thing we could do. When I see some couples talking about how happy they are, I think: Shut up! You just lose respect.

Does Annika Jankell have children?

Yes, Annika Jankell has two children together with Thorsten. Daughters Félice and Happy Jankell .

What are Annika Jankell’s daughters Happy Jankell and Felice Jankell doing?

Happy and Félice Jankell have both followed in their father’s footsteps and invested in a career as an actor.

The older of the two siblings, Félice, has appeared in films such as Unga Sophie Bell and Svart cirkel as well as TV series such as Morden i Sandhamn, Snabba Cash, The Playlist and Top Dog.

Happy Jankell has appeared in Two Sisters, Ted – for love’s sake and Beck as well as series such as Leif & Billy, Jordskott and Fjällbackamorden.

Does Annika Jankell have a boyfriend?

Yes, Jankell has Instagram and can be found under the name @annikajankell .

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