Smartphone Exit from India: 12 Smartphone brands said goodbye to India in 10 years, see the list here

Smartphone Exit from India: India is a major smartphone hub. In such a situation, all the smartphone brands of the world are turning to India. Of these, about 12 smartphone brands have left India. Some popular smartphone brands are available in it.

Best mobilephone brands Exit from India

Smartphone Exit from India
Smartphone Exit from India

Smartphone Exit from India

India has become a very important place for manufacturing smartphones. That is why many companies from all over the world are starting to make their phones there. Also joining the Make in India campaign, but as you know India is a budget smartphone country. There have been around 12 smartphone brands that have left India in the last 10 years. Many famous names are included in this. Let us know the complete list. Also Read: Govt issues high severity warning for Google Chrome users,

12 Smartphone Exit from India

LG Electronics

In April 2021, LG Electronics properly shut down its mobile business in India. LG smartphones are very popular all over the world. But could not do anything special in the Indian smartphone market. Sony will provide servicing and computer program updates to its users for few time.

Meizu (Meizu)

Chinese company Meizu, which sells smartphones, has stopped selling its phones in India. They started selling phones there in November 2023. His last phone was named Meizu 21. Some of their phones were liked by the people because they were cheap, but Meizu could not continue its business in India and they had to stop selling phones there.


Sony shut down its smartphone business in India in May 2019. This happened due to decline in sales. Along with India, Sony pulled out of many smartphone markets. The company stopped selling phones in America, West Asia, South Asia, Oceania in FY 2018.


Smartphone maker HTC stopped selling its phones in India in 2019. They faced a lot of trouble because other Chinese phones were very popular in India and HTC was incurring huge losses due to this. So they decided to stop selling their phones in India.


Blackberry became very popular all over the world including India with its QWERTY smartphones. But due to the increasing popularity of Android and iOS it suffered huge losses. In such a position, the company may not keep up its lead. Because of this they had to stop making BlackBerry phones in August 2020.


Spice Mobile used to be a popular phone brand in India that made good phones and were affordable. However they had difficulty competing with other phone companies.


This smartphone brand had made a strong entry in India, but this brand could not be very successful. Because of this they had to stop selling phones in India in 2017.

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Panasonic used to be a great brand in the affordable smartphone market. However, it could not maintain its hold for long and thus it had to leave the market.


Videocon had made some phones which people did not like and not many people bought them. Therefore Videocon had to sell its smartphone business.

i Ball

iBall targeted villages and entered India with its budget smartphones, but was unable to sustain itself against Chinese brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and others.


Alcatel used to be a much-loved smartphone in India, but the brand could not maintain its distinctive features.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Why mobile phones are not manufactured in India?

Clearly, India cannot make most of the parts and components of smartphones presently. The tariff imposed on the parts and components could erode all the benefits of assembling mobile phones in India for the global market. This surely discourage remote smartphone creators to move gathering assignment to India.

When did first smartphone come out in India?

The primary mobilephone launched in India was the HTC Touch, which was presented in 2007. This stamped the starting of the smartphone transformation within the country.

The primary smartphone in India was the IBM Simon, which was propelled in 1992 by the Indian arm of IBM. The IBM Simon was a touch screen phone, and it was the primary gadget that combined the capacities of a computer with those of a phone. It had highlights such as a touch screen, calendar, address book, and a notepad.

What is the forecast for smartphone market in India?

The Worldwide India Smartphone advertise is expected to rise at a significant rate amid the figure period, between 2023 and 2030. In 2022, the advertise is developing at a relentless rate and with the rising appropriation of techniques by key players, the showcase is anticipated to rise over the anticipated horizon.

What is the potential of smartphones in India?

India Smartphone Advertise was esteemed at USD 169.72 Bn in 2023 and is normal to reach USD 341.40 Bn by 2030, at a CAGR of 10.5 amid% the figure period.


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