Shivrayancha chawa marathi upcoming movie rahul dev will play the role of kakar khan

Shivrayancha chawa marathi upcoming movie rahul dev


Shivrayancha Chhawa Marathi movie is all set to hit the audiences soon. It is also seen that the tendency of the audience to watch historical films is increasing. has reached

Rahul Dev wins hearts with the latest poster of Shivrayancha Chhava, all set to impress with the role of Subehdar Kakar Khan in the film

Rahul Dev wins hearts with the latest poster of Shivrayancha Chhava, all set to impress with the role of Subehdar Kakar Khan in the film

Actor Rahul Dev, who has appeared as a villain in many Hindi films and serials, will now play the villainous character ‘Kakar Khan’ in the upcoming film ‘Shivarayancha Chhawa‘. ‘Shivarayancha Chhawa‘ unfolding on the silver screen is a grand historical story by A.A. Presented by Films and Everest Entertainment and directed by Digpal Lanjekar, ‘Shivarayancha Chhawa’ will hit the screens on February 16.

Aurangzeb entrusted the full responsibility of Burhanpur to Kakar Khan, an experienced warlord. By imposing Jizya tax on the people, Kakar Khan had enslaved the people. Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj rescued the ryots from Kakar Khan’s unjust rule. 21 year old YouTubers CCTV camera gets hacked, private video leaked

Talking about his role, Rahul Dev says that, ‘Though he has played many villainous roles in his acting career so far, he has worked hard to play the historical role of ‘Kakar Khan’. While playing a particular role, one has to change even from the language to the manner of walking and talking. As Kakar Khan Khan’s role, I needed to learn Urdu language. Every language has its own accent, I learned this language keeping in mind that accent. After language, the question was about looks. Therefore, I had an important responsibility to be as vocal as the body language. Rahul says I did it through my acting.

actors of the movie shivarayancha chhava wrestled in kolhapur video viral

Vaibhav Bhor, Kishore Patkar, Madhu of Malhar Pictures Co. have produced this historical film. It is co-produced by Bhavesh Rajinikanth Panchamatia. Prakhar Modi is the executive producer. The story is written by Digpal Lanjekar and the screenplay-dialogues and songs are also by him. Young music composer Devdutt Manisha Baji has given the music to suit the songs. Background music is by Amar Mohile. Responsibility the film for the distribution of a. Managed by A.Films.

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